Solar Calculator
Energy Saver 22-25
Tube Lights 40
LED Bulb 10
Fans 60-75
TV 80-400
LED TV 50-150
Computer 150-800
Refrigerator 100-800
Fridge 100-800
Washing Machine 300-500
Water Pump 1 HP 750-1000
Iron 1000-1800
Split AC 1500-3500
Inverter AC 1200-3500
Microwave 800-1500
How to use power calculator
1:Select an Appliance: Start by selecting an appliance from the dropdown list. Choose from options like Energy Saver, Tube Lights, LED Bulb, Fans, and more.
2:Enter Power (Watts): Input the power consumption of the selected appliance in watts. You can usually find this information on the appliance's label or user manual.
3:Usage (Hours): Specify the number of hours you typically use this appliance in a day.
4:Quantity: Indicate the quantity or number of similar appliances you want to calculate for (e.g., if you have multiple LED Bulbs).
5:Add Appliance: Click the "Add Appliance" button to add more appliances for calculation. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each additional appliance.
6:Calculate Energy Usage: Once you've added all the appliances you want to calculate for, click the "Calculate Energy Usage" button.
7:View Results: The calculator will display the total energy consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh). This figure represents the estimated energy usage for all the selected appliances.
8:Remove Appliance: If you need to remove an appliance from the calculation, click the "Remove" button next to that appliance.
9:Total Energy Consumption: The total energy consumption is displayed below the "Calculate Energy Usage" button, showing the combined energy usage of all appliances.
10:Practice and Adjust: You can adjust the values and quantities for different appliances and recalculate to estimate energy usage for various scenarios.
Once customers have calculated their load, they should be directed to fill out a form. In this form, ask for their contact details and specific requirements, such as delivery and ZSsolarenergy give hime some special offers.

Solar Calculator

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